Iris Qi

Schindler, Taiwan Executive


Iris Qi graduated from London Business School with a Masters in Management (MSc) degree in 2018; in the same year, she joined Asia-based, British multinational conglomerate Jardine Matheson via the Jardine Executive Trainee Scheme, where individuals are rotated across functions and business units throughout Asia to gain strategic and operational exposure, and are prepared to become future business leader for the Company.

Seconded to Jardine Schindler Group based in Hong Kong since 2019, Iris recently relocated to Schindler Taiwan in 2021. She specializes in Sales and Marketing and has been actively involved in the regional rollout of Schindler Modular Products, which aim to better meet customer and market requirements while laying the foundation for new innovative solutions in the urban mobility space. Currently Iris is responsible for business development in the Taichung and Greater Taipei areas.