Hui Yu

Materials Assembly Vice-Chair

RFR Asia Limited, Director | Shanghai, China


于辉先生担任阿法亚洲的执行董事,在幕墙,结构,参数化设计等方面拥有深厚的经验。同时也是2014 年英国工程师学会 Murray Buxton 奖获得者,并任职中国建筑学会建筑幕墙学术委员会第一届理事会专家组成员,以及中国建筑学会建筑幕墙学术委员会常务理事等。
Yu Hui has been the executive director of RFR ASIA, with an extensive background in façade, structure, geometry, and parametric design. And he is also the winner of Murray Buxton of British Institution of Engineers 2014, and the Senior Member of Façade Experts Panel of China Architectural Association.

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Hui Yu


Materials Assembly, Vice-Chair (2022 – Present)

Awards Systems Jury (2023)