Hojjat Adeli

Ohio State University | Columbus, United States


Hojjat Adeli received his Ph.D. in Civil/Structural Engineering from Stanford University in 1976. He is currently the Abba G. Lichtenstein Professor of Civil Engineering at The Ohio State University. He has authored over 450 research publications including 14 books. He is a Distinguished Member of American Society of Civil Engineers, a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the international journal Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering.
In 1998 with a former Ph.D. student, Dr. H.S. Park, he was awarded a U.S. patent for his neural dynamic optimization model. The model was used for fully automated optimum design of a 144-story superhighhrise building structure with over 20,000 members on a Connection Machine (supercomputer) with 512 nodes in 1998, a first at the time. The model and the design were presented in a…

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Hojjat Adeli


CTBUH Journal, Editorial Board (2009 – 2013)