Haojiang Liu

Shanghai, China


Frank Liu got his Master’s Degree in Tianjin University. He is Chief Architect of No.1 Branch, Institute of Shanghai Architectural Design and Research Co., Ltd., National First Class Registered Architect, International Project Management Professor C Class and Shanghai Engineering Bidding Evaluation Expert.
Frank Liu has been working on Shanghai International Financial Center, Xiamen Center, Shanghai Crystal Plaza, Fuzhou Qianlong Plaza, Zhenjiang Broadcasting Center, Caohejing Park Headquarters, and so on. Fuzhou Qianlong Plaza won the First Prize of SEDTA 2017 Annual. Zhenjiang Broadcasting Center won the Third Prize of SEDTA 2015 Annual. Caohejing Park Headquarters won the First Prize of SEDTA 2013 Annual and the Third Prize of CEDA 2013 Annual.


Future Leaders Committee, Shanghai, Shanghai (2018 – Present)

Young Professionals Committee, Shanghai (2017 – 2018)