Hao Li

Chongqing, China


Hao Li founded "cityofchongqing.com" in 2013. It has become one of the most influential tall buildings websites in the Chongqing area of China. They maintain a good connection with several websites leading in their own region including "justxa.com" in Xi'an, "citydalian.com" in Dalian, "shenyangskyscrapers.com" in Shenyang, "tjnewcity.com" in Tianjin, "beijingupdates.com" in Beijing, "meilijinan.com" in Ji'nan, "upcd.org" in Chengdu, "citywuxi.com" in Wuxi, "suzhoucity.com" in Suzhou and "nbuc.net" in Ningbo. The website also maintains a connection with Loncin Land company on their project Chongqing Centre, a five-skyscraper complex in city center designed by Sir Richard Rogers.

From 2013 Hao started work in an architectural design company, as part of his personal architectural career. He earned a BA (Hons) Architecture and the certificate of Royal Institute of British Architects(RIBA) Part I in…

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Hao Li


Skyscraper Center Editorial Board (2014 – 2017)

Regional Representative, Chongqing (2014 – 2022)