Hani Kabrit

Modern Building Leaders, Project Manager | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Hani Kabrit is a Lebanese architect, thinker, and entrepreneur. As the Partner of MOC-KSA, a specialized engineering firm based in Jeddah and a partner in the US. With a focus on making tall buildings social, livable, and environmentally greener, MOC-AI will be at the forefront of innovative Mega-tall and Giga building architecture.

Prior to partnering with MOC, Kabrit was a project coordinator with SBG at the Kingdom Project, where he led the team to delivering a comprehensive construction method of statement, also for the Kamal tower in Qatar. With his expertise in Super / Mega tall buildings, Hani served as a speaker at the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat November 22 conference.

A graduate of the Beirut Arab University and a Liverpool master’s degree in project management, his passion for problem solving made him observe tall buildings as interactive spaces that require…

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Hani Kabrit