Grace Cheng

Grace W Cheng Architects & Design Inc., President | Los Angeles, United States


A former Principal in CallisonRTKL, Los Angeles, Grace Cheng has designed numerous award-winning projects with strong contemporary motifs that acknowledge both context and culture. With a focus on towers and expertise in mixed-use, she has developed a diverse global portfolio that includes corporate headquarters, campuses, hotels, waterfront development, and museums.

Cheng’s notable projects include Tahoe Chang’An Center, AVIC Center, City Crossing-MixC/Grand Hyatt/China Resources Tower in Shenzhen and Hefei, The W Beijing, Joy City/COFCO Plaza in Tianjin and Chengdu, Dream Mall, and the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. She earned her Master’s in Architecture and Urbanism from MIT with design studies at Harvard.

Grace Cheng


Annual Conference, Presenter (Middle East 2018; Chicago 2019)