Giuseppe Colosimo

CallisonRTKL, Principal – Design Lead | New York City, United States


Giuseppe is the co-leader at CallisonRTKL for the shopping and Entertainment group in the US.
He’s a published architect with experience in designing and managing projects of multiple size and scale in the United States, Europe, China, Africa and the Middle East.
The scope of his portfolio is as extensive as its geographic reach, spanning leisure and hospitality, residential, commercial, industrial, retail, sports, education, civic and mixed-use.
His designs are not egotistical sculptures, but instead about the experience of the user and aim to create environments that harmoniously coexist within their surroundings while substantially improving the quality of existing public and private spaces.

Selected high-rise experience:

1. 2001 Herman Park – Residential Mixed Use Tower - Houston TX
2. 200 Amsterdam – Luxury Residential tower/Tallest building on the Upper West Side - New Yor,…

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Giuseppe Colosimo


Awards Urban Habitat Jury (2022)