Gianfranco Di Cicco

Deep Foundations Institute, Treasurer | Miami, United States


Gianfranco Di Cicco has served on the Board of Trustees of the Deep Foundation Institute (DFI) since 2010. In 2016 he became part of the leading DFI Executive Committee. As DFI Committee Member for Diaphragm Walls, Drill Shafts, Soil Mixing Sustainability Marine Foundation Committees, he has been involved in the preparation of technical guidelines, developing/leading conferences and promoting DFI internationally. As DFI Trustee participating in the developing of the DFI India chapter and leading the formation and the Seepage Control Committee in cooperation with the USACE and the Project Information Management System (PIMS) Committee to develop guidelines for using data management to improve/maximize quality control and safety results in the geo-foundation industry.

After participating and directing major worldwide geo-foundation projects with the RODIO and TREVI organizations (1980 – 2005),…

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Awards Geotechnical Engineering Jury (2019)