Frank Haehnig

Bauer Spezialtiefbau GmbH, Managing Director | Munich, Germany


Frank Haehnig, Dipl. Ing. is a civil engineer with his passion for complex ground engineering projects, innovative, sustainable solutions, an integrated smart design and a partnering approach. His 30 years of experience were gathered in major international projects and management of international companies including specialties like deep excavations, deepest shafts for tall buildings, offshore foundations, submerged tunnels and e.g. ground freezing, diaphragm walls, deep soil mixing etc..

After finishing his Diploma at the University of Stuttgart ( Germany) Frank started his career as design engineer for civil structures. Following the assignment for the Metro Project in Tapei ( Taiwan) he developed a business unit for infrastructure in Berlin during the reunification of Germany. Major infrastructure projects were needed and executed during that period. In his next role as managing director for…

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CTBUH Designated Expert


Awards Geotechnical Engineering Jury (2021)