Francisco J. Gonzalez-Pulido

JAHN, Co-Owner and President | Chicago, United States


Francisco Gonzalez-Pulido is a Mexican architect noted for his expressive design and progressive approach. Currently, Gonzalez-Pulido is Chief of Design and Co-Owner at JAHN, Chicago. He joined the firm in 1999 and over the next decade he became Design Partner to Helmut Jahn. In 2012 Gonzalez-Pulido renamed the company to JAHN, and founded RAAD focused on technology and design research. Francisco’s work ranges in varied building typologies with a strong emphasis on the design of skyscrapers and airports worldwide. Among his signature projects are The Shanghai Financial international Center, Diablos Stadium , Veer Towers, Japan Post and Leatop Plaza.


Annual Conference, Presenter (Seoul 2011; China 2016)

CTBUH Initiatives


10 October 2011

This presentation will focus in the aspects of our practice that deal with the issues that we consider relevant for the future of designevolution of...


17 October 2016

Francisco Gonzalez-Pulido, JAHN

Tallness is superficial, unless it is literally and physically rooted to the dynamics of context and culture. Tallness has become relevant as our instrument to...


16 September 2014

Sergio Valentini & Francisco Gonzalez-Pulido, JAHN

JAHN’s Archi-Neering –integrated design approach- is broadly displayed in the future Shanghai International Financial center, in Pudong, which consist of 3 towers physically connected by...