Florian Troesch

Schindler, Head Transit Management & Digital Solutions | Zurich, Switzerland


Florian Troesch connects vertical and horizontal traffic systems and supports the Schindler vision of intelligent and sustainable urban mobility. As a business innovator and visionary, he has shaped the Schindler PORT roadmap for more than eight years with a focus on end-customer values, and drives the vision of PORT to empower urban habitats that navigate our future successfully. Troesch shaped myPORT, a smartphone-based indoor transit solution, as well as PORT4D and the General-Purpose Elevator System as true enablers of future urban re-design.

Troesch received his doctorate in wireless communication from ETH Zurich and worked for several years at a top-tier consultancy firm.


Annual Conference, Presenter (Chicago 2019)


15 December 2021

Seamless Mobility Solution Turns Touchless Dreams into Reality

Dr. Florian Troesch, Schindler Elevator Ltd. & Jürgen Blank, Schindler Deutschland AG & Co. KG

At the Omniturm in Frankfurt (see Figure 1), mobility is encoded into the mixed-use building’s profile, with its striking mid-rise undulation at the residential floors....


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