Florian Troesch

Schindler, Head of Schindler Transit Management & VP Innovation and Business Development | Zurich, Switzerland


Florian is a leading expert on indoor mobility in complex mega-structures. A passionate business innovator and visionary, his role is to apply Schindler’s cutting-edge PORT Technology in new ways which focus on end-user value. Additionally, he seeks to drive the vision of PORT to empower the design of urban habitats that navigate our future successfully. In this regard he is currently spurring the rollout of PORT 4D, a major step forward this arena.

Previously, Florian led and shaped the development of myPORT, PORT’s smartphone-based indoor transit solution.

Florian holds a PhD in Wireless Communication from ETH, published over 20 international papers and was management consultant with Booz & Company (today: Strategy& at PwC) prior to joining Schindler.


Annual Conference, Presenter (Chicago 2019)