Faridah Shafii

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Dr. Faridah is an Associate Professor at The Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Manager of Research and Development at Construction Technology and Management Centre, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. She was educated in England (UK) and pursued a doctoral degree at The University of Sheffield under the prestigious Association of Commonwealth Universities scholarship. She is a structural engineer by profession and specializes in prestressed cable suspended structures and prestressed masonry. Current research projects are concentrated on engineering design options for energy efficiency/sustainable buildings.

Dr. Faridah is the Coordinator of the Task Group on Tall Buildings for the International Council on Research and Innovation (CIBTG50) since 2001, with responsibilities of stimulating research and facilitating international cooperation for future development of tall buildings.…

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Country Representative, Malaysia (2009 – 2010)

Annual Conference, Co-Chair (Kuala Lumpur 2002)


16 October 2005


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Enhancing Safety and Security in High-Rise Building through Sustainable Design

Faridah Shafii, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

This paper will discuss the safety/security and sustainable synergies for the planning and design of high-rise buildings to minimize environmental impacts as well as ensuring...


10 October 2004


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Design Challenges of Tall Buildings and Implications on Construction Education

Faridah Shafii & M. Zahry Othman, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

This paper reviews and discuss the design considerations for enhancing performance in future tall buildings in the context of sustainability and safety/security. Their impacts upon...