Elena A. Shuvalova

Lobby Agency, Founder and Owner | Moscow, Russia


Elena A. Shuvalova was born in Moscow and graduated from the Moscow Institute of Economics & Statistics. She later passed her Post-graduate studies in Economic Theory with excellent marks. Her main sphere of interest is Austrian Economics. She graduated from Summer Internship at Mises University – 2015 (Auburn, Al.). Elena has an extraordinary 15 years experience in Real Estate and Economics magazines and newspapers with more than 450 articles published on the various aspects of this subject. She is currently working on thesis Skyscrapers and Business Cycles: from World Experience to Russian Realities.

Elena is the founder and owner of Lobby Agency (registered in January 2007). The main goal of Lobby Agency is to provide unique and effective opportunities for development of mutually beneficial international cooperation in sphere of construction, architecture and real estate. Lobby Agency is also…

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Regional Representative, Russia (2008 – Present)

CTBUH Fellow (2018)

Regional Representative, Russia, Regional Representative (2008 – Present)

Annual Conference, Co-Chair (Moscow 2008)


12 October 2011

Loss of economical and political influence of the USSR at the end of 1980-s formed new community within Europe - countries of Central and Eastern...


08 August 2017

Ilkay Can-Standard, GenX Design & Technology; Martina Dolejsova, Studio Libeskind

ASPECT: RATIOS is the outgrowth of a program developed by the CTBUH Young Professionals Committee in New York, beginning in 2016. The purpose of the...


26 October 2015

Elena Shuvalova, Lobby Agency

A new period of flourishing of high-rise construction in Russia began in the 2000s. The data of this study show that 64% of the tallest...