Eamonn Connolly

McHugh Construction, Director of Engineering | Chicago, United States


Eamonn Connolly is the Director of Engineering at James McHugh Construction Co. He is the former chairman of the ACI Committee 309 Consolidation, and a member of ACI Committees 117 Tolerances, 134 Concrete Constructability, 301 Section 9 PT Concrete, 318 Sub A General, Concrete & Construction, 347 Formwork and 435 Deflection. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL and his Master of Philosophy in Engineering from University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. He is a licensed Structural Engineer in Illinois and a licensed Professional Engineer in seven states. Connolly has over 20 years of extensive and wide-ranging experience as a structural engineer and manager in the design and construction of numerous high-rise buildings and infrastructure projects.