Douglas Mass

Cosentini Associates, Principal-in-Charge | New York City, United States


Douglas C. Mass is the President of Cosentini Associates, a Tetra Tech Company. He is internationally recognized in the design and construction industry because of his expertise as a mechanical engineer, his commitment to design innovation, and a long list of high-performance building projects designed by leading architects. Mr. Mass’s work in the area of LEED/sustainable design has involved design commissions from both corporate and government clients who have sought his assistance on the development of building systems that are energy efficient, ensure occupant comfort, and promote the preservation of the environment. Under his direction, Cosentini has engineered more than 50 projects that have received LEED certification, and more than 100 current projects that will achieve various levels of LEED certification.

Mr. Mass’s career spans more than 30 years and includes pioneering achievements…

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Awards Technical Jury (2014; 2015)

Annual Conference, Session Chair (Chicago 2006)


25 October 2006

The Session 4 speaker panel consisting of Douglas Mass, PE, President, Cosentini; Christian Derix, Advanced Modelling Group Leader, Aedas Architecture; Sam Crignano, Cityzen Development Corporation;...


17 April 2010

Jun Xia, Gensler; Dennis Poon, Thornton Tomasetti; Douglas C. Mass, Cosentini Associates

As the third tower in the trio of supertall buildings at the heart of Shanghai’s new Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone, Shanghai Tower embodies a...