David Seel

CTBUH Trustee

Robert Bird Group, Managing Director West | London, United Kingdom


David joined Robert Bird Group as a Graduate and has held the role of Managing Director since 2012 and Board Member since 2013. David has led the business through a period a growth that has resulted in higher quality of work secured from the core business, diversification of services by creating capabilities in complex analysis and Geotechnical Engineering, and broadening RBG’s market by delivering work from non-traditional RBG sectors including Rail and Aviation infrastructure.

David is a passionate engineer and business leader. He is dedicated to the people in RBG and enjoys mentoring, coaching and training to help people to develop their potential. He enjoys leading projects and is specialized in the design of OSD buildings and structures that interface with rail infrastructure.

He is highly energetic and enthusiastic leader and is active in all aspects of business including strategic…

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23 August 2021

What are the Unique Opportunities and Challenges in Designing High-Density in Europe?

Awash with historical landmarks, heritage façades, and their related height-restrictions, building skyscrapers in European cities has always required a nuanced approach, one which creatively examines...


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