Dasui Wang

ECADI, Senior Chief Engineer | Shanghai, China


Mr. Dasui Wang of ECADI has committed his life’s work to a series of significant high-rise buildings in practice and core technology innovation, such as the Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai Tower, the Goldin Finance 117 in Tianjin, and Suzhou Central South Center. Wang Dasui is an outstanding engineer and designer, who has overcome the list of significant technological difficulties presented by domestic high-rise buildings, and has led the development of multi-disciplinary research. He is also a skilled practitioner of creating beauty in buildings with architectural structure. His outstanding contribution to and influence on the high-rise building industry and urban habitat development of China are widely recognized by industry peers. In addition, Mr. Wang has also led key projects that include The Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Pudong International Airport terminal, CCTV Headquarters, Tianjin…

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China Outstanding Achievement Award (2016)

Annual Conference, Session Chair (Shanghai 2012)

China Awards Symposium, Speaker (2016)


01 August 2016

Dasui Wang, East China Architectural Design Institute

Dasui Wang, China Design Master and chief structural engineer for East China Architectural Design Institute (ECADI), is the recipient of the inaugural CITAB - CTBUH...


01 September 2015

Bao Lianjin, Chen Jianxing, Qian Peng, et al., ECADI

By the end of 2014, the number of completed and under-construction supertall buildings above 250 meters in China reached 90 and 129, respectively. China has...


16 September 2014

Dasui Wang, Lianjin Bao, Jianxing Chen & Peng Qian, ECADI

As supertall buildings become higher and higher and its function turns to be more and more comprehensive, huge challenges are brought to the structural design....