Chuan Xin Liang

CITIC HEYE, Vice President and General Manager | Beijing, China


With nearly 40 years’ experience including both academic studies and industrial experience in construction and project management sector, Mr. Liang is a well-known person within this profession. He is also an expert in management and leadership that he has been the senior managerial person in the companies for years.

During his professional time, he has been the leading person for several remarkable projects in China, such as Ningbo Daxie Development District by CITIC, Beijing 2008 Olympic Game Stadium Bird’s Nest, Nanjing Technology Park, Chengdu Ziyang Airport Economic Zone, CITIC Tower (China Zun), all are either high-rise landmark development or large-scale developments in local areas. He also has proven record on engaging with clients and partners, and have rich experience in international projects especially in Latin-America.

He never stops the journey to develop himself, contribute…

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Chuan Xin Liang


Awards Best Tall Building Mixed-Use Jury (2021)

Innovation Conference, Speaker (Chicago 2020)

CTBUH Initiatives

12 November 2020

Healthy & Sustainable City Development

This event explores how health and sustainability are vital in the process of urbanization, and explores strategies from leading urbanists about how to balance nature and well-being in dense environments.