Christopher Colasanti

Working Group: MEP

JB&B, Associate Partner | New York City, United States


Chris Colasanti, an Associate Partner and engineer JB&B, is committed to a philosophy of system design that maximizes best practices of efficiency and sustainability while contributing to the ongoing health and well-being of buildings and their users. Chris has led the design of multiple challenging projects in NYC such the Bank of America Tower and Hudson Yards.

Chris has a passion for the intersection of technology and design, and is leading JB&B’s internal innovation lab, Aurora.

If there is one thing he could be doing right now (other than designing the next iconic project), it would be fly fishing.

Christopher Colasanti

CTBUH Designated Expert


Working Group: MEP (2018 – Present)

MEP Systems Committee, Member (2018 – Present)

Annual Conference, Presenter (Australia 2017; Middle East 2018; Chicago 2019)

Annual Conference, Session Chair (Chicago 2019)

Annual Conference, Steering Committee (New York 2015)

20 October 2018

Record Numbers Convene at 2018 Leaders Meeting

CTBUH Leaders convened on Day 1 of the 2018 Middle East Conference for updates on the year's developments and to plan for 2019.

20 October 2018

MEP Working Group Holds Kickoff Meeting at CTBUH 2018 Conference

The CTBUH MEP Working Group held its kickoff meeting as part of the wider annual Leaders Meeting at the CTBUH 2018 Middle East Conference in Dubai.

29 October 2017

CTBUH Leaders Connect at 2017 Conference

The Annual Leaders Meeting was held the day before the start of the CTBUH 2017 Australia Conference, bringing together the Council’s leaders.

16 October 2016

2016 CTBUH Leaders Meeting Report

The Annual Leaders Meeting was held this year in conjunction with the 2016 Conference in China, bringing together the Council’s leaders from around the world.

28 October 2015

Eight Spruce Street Residential Tour

CTBUH 2015 delegates toured Eight Spruce Street which was the tallest all-residential building in North America at the time of completion.

21 November 2014

New York Conference Inaugural Steering Committee Meeting

Plans for the 2015 Conference in New York are now well underway, beginning with an initial meeting of the Steering Committee at the Bank of America Tower Nov. 18.