Christoph Odenbreit

Steel-Timber Research Project Steering Committee

University of Luxembourg, Professor, ArcelorMittal Chair of Steel Construction


Prof. Odenbreit is full professor at the University of Luxembourg and since 2011 holder of the “ArcelorMittal Chair of Steel Construction”. He has a strong background in structural engineering combining both: practical experience in large consulting companies and research experience.
He is welding engineer (SFI, EWE, IWE), member of ECCS/TC11 (Composite Structures), Leader of the newly established working group for steel-timber composite structures ECCS/TC11/WG6, member of CTBUH, member of CEN/TC250/SC3 and CEN/TC250/SC4 and was nominated Project Team Leader for the Evolution of the Structural Eurocode 4 (CEN/TC250/SC4/T4.3 for “Revised rules for shear connections in the presence of modern forms of profiled sheeting”). In addition, he is member of the newly established CENT/C350/SC1 “Circular Economy in the Construction Sector”.

Christoph Odenbreit

CTBUH Designated Expert


Steel-Timber Research Project Steering Committee (2022 – Present)