Christoph Gruenaug

Arup, Australasian Façade Access Leader | Sydney, Australia


Christoph Gruenaug is the Australasian Façade Access Leader at Arup, a global multidisciplinary design firm, where he consults on the development of building maintenance units, façade access systems and façade structural engineering design for some of the most prominent projects in the built environment in Australia and around the world. With over 17 years of experience, Gruenaug has worked closely with world leading architects, consultants and contractors to deliver innovative façade maintenance access solutions on over 300 projects across the globe – cumulative to over 35,000 meters in height.

Christoph Gruenaug

CTBUH Designated Expert


Annual Conference, Presenter (Middle East 2018)

11 June 2015

CTBUH Melbourne Committee Presents: Making High-Rise Work

Join CTBUH Melbourne for a presentation on "Making High-Rise Work" featuring Glen Pederick from Meinhardt as the moderator with three featured speakers.

11 June 2015

Making High-Rise Work

CTBUH Melbourne hosted their second lecture of 2015 entitled “Making High-Rises* Work,” which attracted nearly 50 industry supporters representing a wide range of expertise.