Christian Studer

Schindler, Head of New Technologies | Lucerne, Switzerland


Christian Studer studied civil engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and received his PhD in the field of multibody dynamics. He has held various positions in Schindler’s innovation teams including an assignment as Schindler technology expert on the Solar Impulse mission, the first around-the-world-trip with a solar airplane. Today he is the head of Schindler’s New Technologies department, which develops radical innovations for the vertical transportation sector.


Innovation Conference, Speaker (Shenzhen 2019)

Live-Streamed Conference, Presenter (2020)

CTBUH Initiatives


01 February 2021

Intelligent 3-D Elevator Shaft Mapping

Christian Studer, Raphael Bitzi & Philipp Zimmerli, Schindler Elevators Ltd.

Laser and camera scanning, as well as mapping solutions, are increasingly used to create accurate 3-D models of the built environment. This paper presents a...


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