Chien-Jou (CJ) Chen

Turner, Senior Project Manager | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Driven by design and project management excellence, CJ Chen played an integral role on the teams that managed the construction of Taipei 101 and the Burj Khalifa (two of the world’s top five tallest buildings), few people in our industry command as keen an understanding regarding the challenges of high-rise construction than CJ. Upon completion of Burj Khalifa in 2010 he was relocated to Doha, Qatar for an urban development project, Masheireb Downtown Doha.

After more than 9 years in the Middle East, he decided to return to Turner International in Malaysia as the Senior Project Manager for Merdeka 118 tower in 2014, poised to add another 600+ meters in his already impressive high-rise resume.


Annual Conference, Presenter (Chicago 2019)


17 October 2016

KL118 Case Study: Analysis of Different Bore Pile Testing Methods

Peter Ramstedt, Chien Jou Chen, Matthew Hennessy & David Terenzio, Turner International LLC

In the construction of tall towers a variety of pile testing methodologies are used. Piles can be tested for many purposes including the optimization of...


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