Cate Cowlishaw

Individuals, Head of Business Development | Sydney, Australia


As the Head of Business Development at Bates Smart, Cate is a clear-sighted leader with a unique understanding of our client’s needs. After graduating in architecture from the University of Sydney, Cate practiced architecture for more than 10 years before gaining post-graduate qualifications in management and transitioning to business development. Having worked for a number of high profile studios, Cate accrued an impressive depth of sector knowledge and broad range of contacts within the property industry before joining Bates Smart in 2014.

Cate’s responsibilities as Studio Director and Head of Business Development at Bates Smart span communications strategy, brand management, collateral development, industry relationships and bid management.

Cate Cowlishaw


Annual Conference, Steering Committee (Australia 2017)

CTBUH Initiatives

31 March 2017

Conference Steering Sub-Committees Confirmed

The conference sub-committees will help drive the organization and promotion of activities ahead of CTBUH 2017, starting on October 30.