Bettina Mehnert

Regional Representative, Hawaii Regional Representative

Architects Hawaii Limited - AHL, President & CEO | Honolulu, United States


AHL’s President and CEO, Bettina Mehnert, FAIA, LEED AP is an indomitable force in the evolution and innovation within Hawaii’s architectural sector. Her novel philosophy of practice blends IT solutions, firm culture, client cultivation, and community service as inseparable filaments of professional leadership, keeping her 74-year-old firm firmly faced towards the future.

In 2018, Bettina was appointed by the Honolulu mayor as one of five commission members of the new Honolulu Climate Change Commission. As the only member with an architecture and engineering background, Bettina utilizes her expertise in the built environment to advocate for a new era of resiliency.

Bettina Mehnert

CTBUH Designated Expert


Regional Representative, Hawaii, Regional Representative (2019 – Present)

Annual Conference, Session Chair (Chicago 2019)