Ayumi Sugiyama

SHoP Architects, Director, Cultural Projects | New York City, United States


Ayumi Sugiyama is a Director, Cultural Projects at SHoP Architects in New York. She received a Master of Architecture from Yale University and a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley. She has an expertise in the design and delivery of complex urban projects with significant public space programs and complicated stakeholder groups. Ayumi has acted as project director for several of the firm’s most prominent and award-winning projects, including the Barclays Center arena in Brooklyn, the American Copper Buildings and the New Academic Building at FIT in New York, and the SITE Santa Fe contemporary art center in New Mexico, where she also spearheaded the conceptualization and design of workSHoP, an exhibition of SHoP’s body of work. Additionally, Ayumi co-organizes the Art Talk series at SHoP, engaging artists and organizations to exchange work and processes…

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Ayumi Sugiyama


Annual Conference, Presenter (Chicago 2019)

CTBUH Initiatives

11 April 2019

Skybridges Research: CTBUH / IIT Studio Visit

As part of the Skybridges research project, CTBUH and IIT College of Architecture traveled to NYC for presentations, workshops, and meetings regarding Skybridge designs.