Astrid Piber

UNStudio, Partner | Amsterdam, Netherlands


Astrid Piber is a Partner at UNStudio, in charge of several large-scale design projects globally. In projects such as the Arnhem master plan and the Raffles City mixed-use development in Hangzhou, China, the interdependency of functional, economic, and future-proofing criteria has led to organizations that go beyond segregated typologies. Piber has worked with a trans-scalar approach—from large-scale mobility projects to custom-crafted interiors—where user experience adds value to design. Sophisticated placemaking strategies are part of the design approach for commercial and high-rise developments, such as V-on-Shenton, The Scotts Tower (Singapore), The Hanwha HQ (Seoul) and Raffles City Hangzhou (China).

CTBUH Designated Expert


Awards Interior Space Jury (2020; 2021)

Annual Conference, Presenter (Chicago 2019)

Innovation Conference, Speaker (Chicago 2020)

Live-Streamed Conference, Presenter (2020)


23 August 2021

What are the Unique Opportunities and Challenges in Designing High-Density in Europe?

Awash with historical landmarks, heritage façades, and their related height-restrictions, building skyscrapers in European cities has always required a nuanced approach, one which creatively examines...


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28 October 2019

High-Rises From the Past and For the Future

Astrid Piber, UNStudio

In some an increasing number of cities, vertical expansion has been the only viable option, however efforts should also be concentrated on remodeling existing buildings....


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