Aric Austermann

CTBUH, Digital Platforms Coordinator | Chicago, United States


Aric Austermann received a Bachelors of Architecture with Honors from Illinois Institute of Technology in 2011. Prior to college, he worked for Schoenhardt Architecture and Interior Design in Connecticut where he learned the basics of architectural design. Originally from Massachusetts, Aric was invited to IIT as a Camras Scholar where he focused his studies on the use of technology in architectural design.

With a strong passion for tall buildings, Aric was thrilled to be invited to join the CTBUH team in early 2012. In his role as Digital Platforms Coordinator, Aric maintains the Council's website and helps to keep the site's knowledge base current. In 2014 he became coordinator of the CTBUH Skyscraper Center Editorial Board.

Aric Austermann

CTBUH Designated Expert

27 June 2019

CTBUH 2019 Global Walking Tour: 50 Forward | 50 Back

The CTBUH Urban Habitat / Urban Design Committee organized its sixth annual Global Walking Tours, which took place in 25 cities around the world.

28 October 2015

461 Dean Street Factory Tour

CTBUH 2015 delegates toured 461 Dean Street Factory which will be the World's tallest modular building containing 930 modules made up of 225 designs.

28 October 2015

56 Leonard Street Construction Tour

CTBUH 2015 delegates toured around the construction of 56 Leonard Street, which is set to be one of the top luxury residential towers in downtown Manhattan.

19 March 2014

CTBUH Staffs Up to Support Growth

In a continuing effort to support exciting new initiatives, the CTBUH is pleased to announce key promotions, hires, and opportunities for new members of staff.

24 July 2012

Climbing the Coast: Tour Report of New Chicago Skyscraper

With only two floors left before topping out, the CTBUH Young Professionals Committee organized a tour last week of the Coast at Lakeshore East.