Andrew Smith

RWDI, Technical Director Applied Mechanics | New York City, United States


Andy Smith is the engineering leader of mechanical design for RWDI’s Structural Dynamics and Motion Control Division. As skyscraper heights increase and space constraints grow, Andy’s ability to deliver lean, cost-effective damping systems that combine performance with safety and reliability is ever more valuable to our clients. Whether the project requires a wind-mitigating damping system for a tall building or a system to control pedestrian-induced bridge movement, Andy takes clients’ theoretical requirements and turns them into reality.

Andy’s NYC project experience includes mass dampers at Madison Square Garden Bridges, 432 Park Avenue, 220 Central Park and 56 Leonard Street. Other projects include Taipei 101 Tower and Spire (Taipei, Taiwan), Grand Canyon Skywalk (Peach Springs, AZ), Shanghai Tower (Shanghai, China) and SEATAC Pedestrian Bridge (Seattle, WA).

Andrew Smith


Annual Conference, Presenter (Chicago 2019)