Andrea Giachetti

University of Florence, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow


Graduated in civil engineering in 2012, after more than one year of experience in engineering firms Andrea started an International PhD Course jointly co-tutored between the University of Florence (Italy) and the Technical University of Braunschweig (Germany). His fields of interest concern experimental wind tunnel tests and numerical CFD simulations on bluff body aerodynamics. In particular, Andrea focuses his activities on experimental and numerical studies for the definition of wind loads and/or natural ventilation on rectangular-section regular buildings, with or without permeable double-skin façades.

Andrea received his doctoral degree in 2017 with a thesis titled, "Wind effects on permeable building envelopes: A two-dimensional exploratory study." He currently is a post-doctoral research fellow with the University of Florence.


Tall Building Academic & Teaching Committee (2018 – Present)


29 July 2019

Wind Effects on Permeable Tall Building Envelopes: Issues and Potentialities

Andrea Giachetti, University of Florence; Gianni Bartoli, University of Florence; Claudio Mannini, University of Florence

A comprehensive conclusion about the effects of wind on permeable building envelopes (PBEs) remains elusive. The external layer permeability, the gap width, and the internal...


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