Aleksey Gorilovsky

St. Petersburg, Russia


Aleksey Gorilovsky has been CEO of Stein Ltd since 1997. An electromechanical engineer by training then specialized in precise torque drives and has extended experience in academic field. He also studied in LSE and got EMBA from SSE. Entered lift business in 1993. He set up his own lift company in 1997 and rapidly run it up to the leading position in upscale segment in the territory providing full service for world famous hotel chain operators, retail and offices. He has been founder and CEO of LiftEye Ltd since 2013 as well. LiftEye is one and only provider of real time virtual windows for elevator cars so far. Aleksey has been granted with patents for tall building lifts.


Expert Peer Review Committee (2018 – Present)

Annual Conference, Presenter (Australia 2017)


16 September 2014

Elevators: Continuity and Enrichment of Architectural Experience

Aleksey Gorilovsky, Stein Ltd & LiftEye Ltd; Dmitry Gorilovsky & Peter Langley, LiftEye Ltd

Until recently, elevator cabins used to be more like closed transportation boxes than an element of architectural experience. From a passenger’s perspective, the limited stimulation...


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