Albert Williamson-Taylor

AKT II Limited, Director | London, United Kingdom


Albert, who founded AKT with Hanif Kara in 1995, combines the practice-wide role of overseeing design and technical matters with leading a design group, allowing him to infuse the many projects with which he is involved with cutting-edge technology.
He enjoys providing project development input and ideas to clients and architects at the early stages of any project. Albert has been responsible for driving the technical direction of the practice and is also involved in determining the direction of (our computational research group) within AKT II.

CTBUH Designated Expert


Awards Structural Engineering Jury (2019)

Annual Conference, Presenter (London 2013; China 2016)

Annual Conference, Session Chair (London 2013)

Annual Conference, Steering Committee (London 2013)


31 May 2018

Lean Core + Prefab Blade Wall System

The development of the lean-core + blade-wall system grew out of a brief to create a new high-rise living typology that was lean, flexible and...


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17 October 2016

The Rejuvenation of a Tall Building

Albert Williamson-Taylor, AKT II Limited

The incredibly rapid urbanization observed in many of the larger cities in the world is forcing society, and the construction industry in particular, to think...


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