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Tower Marks Third Proposal for Weston Village Revitalization in Toronto

Toronto. CC-BY-SA
Toronto. CC-BY-SA
17 February 2023 | Toronto, Canada

Revitilizations to Toronto's Weston Village neighborhood have been gathering traction through  proposals directly adjacent to GO Transit's Weston Station: Weston Park, and 1830 Weston. Earlier in February 2023, developer Castlepoint Numa, behind the first two proposals, added a third proposal at 1800 Weston: a 40-story residential tower designed by BDP Quadrangle that will deliver a total of 488 new residential units. Castlepoint Numa has partnered again with KIN Capital Partners and Forthlane Partners to oversee the development. 1800 is the final component of a plan to bring new density to the area. Altoghether, the three Weston Road projects would deliver four new residential towers, 1,977 new dwelling units, and 47,816 square feet (4,442 square meters) of non-residential floor space. 

The developments are under city review currently, with ZBA and SBA approvals having been submitted on 31 January, 2023. Exterior trellis motif covers a number of white-clad vertical fins on the tower while on the south elevation, a covered terrace is tucked beneath the tower's cantilevered floor plate supported by a number of forked columns. At grade, 20-foot-tall (6-meter-tall) arches wrap around the north, south, and east elevations, allowing natural light to enter the retail fronting onto Weston Road. 

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