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Slender Tower Plan Revealed for Gold Coast

Gold Coast.
Gold Coast.
23 May 2023 | Gold Coast, Australia

Plans have been filed for a 13-story residential development at a beachfront enclave in Gold Coast. Plans are earmarked for the 1,194-square-meter site that will span two properties linked to Brisbane-based Green Leaves. 

The proposal includes 10 apartments and a two-story penthouse that would replace two, two-story homes at 71 and 73 Jefferson Lane. 

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Nine whole-floor, four-bedroom apartments would occupy levels 1 to 9 and be capped by the split level five-bedroom penthouse across the top two floors. 

The application noted that the proposed 43.5 meter tower would exceed the site's 29 meter height limit and a 50 percent increase was being pursued. There would also be two levels of parking available. 

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