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Office Headquarters Building with Interactive Gallery Opens in Tokyo

19 January 2023 | Tokyo, Japan
(c) Yanmar Tokyo
(c) Yanmar Tokyo

Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd. has celebrated the official opening of its new Tokyo offices, Yanmar Tokyo, located in the Yaesu area directly opposite Tokyo station. Produced by creative director Kashiwa Sato, Yanmar Tokyo's 14 floors and three basement levels house an interactive gallery and a variety of restaurants and stores, in addition to company offices.

Yanmar Tokyo will be an important base for growing an understanding of Hanasaka, which means "to make a flower bloom" in Japanese and is the company’s values that underlie the spirit and vision of Yanmar’s founder, Magokichi Yamaoka. This culture of Hanasaka  has been the basis not only of Yanmar's business activities, but also its efforts to nurture the next generation and foster a culture where everyone can realize their potential.

As one of Yanmar’s Hanasaka initiatives, Yanmar Tokyo has a focus on rice and agriculture. Japan’s staple food, rice is central to the country’s cuisine and culture and rice farming is a primary industry that has supported Japan throughout its history. Yanmar Tokyo will be a location that brings consumers closer to the farmers that produce their food and will provide information on food and agriculture with a focus on rice, including efforts to support new farmers. The Yanmar Kome* Gallery is an interactive gallery that utilizes digital technology to provide visitors with an opportunity to learn about the history and current state of rice farming and to get a glimpse of its future, while many of Yanmar Tokyo's shops and restaurants are based on a theme of rice or feature it prominently.

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