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New Software Shows the View From Any Building Window in Singapore

With OneMap3D, users can visit the Changi Airport virtually.
With OneMap3D, users can visit the Changi Airport virtually.
28 September 2020 | Singapore, Singapore

Singapore Land Authority's OneMap3D has just launched in beta; allowing users to view the city like never before. 

Rather than using real-life street photos, models and renderings are used to recreate buildings and predict how future ones would look in OneMap3D. The surrounding view can be created from any floor of any building, for example from Guoco Tower, the tallest building in Singapore.

Other Referenced Buildings

Potential home buyers will be able to see the view from their new, or soon-to-be-built, home without physically having to be there. 

Thanks to 3D models and renderings, the surroundings of that future apartment are also visible. With OneMap3D, users will be able to virtually visit buildings that are currently unavailable due to COVID-19. 

The 3D visualization also shows where ramps, elevators, or entrances are located, making it easy to locate the best drop-off point. 

OneMap3D also shows the shortest walking routes, helping to improve wayfinding. 

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