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Landscaped Skyscraper is Winning Proposal in Seoul Design Competition

image credit: © J. Mayer H.
image credit: © J. Mayer H.
04 June 2024 | Seoul, South Korea

As part of the Seoul City Urban/Architecture Creation/Innovation Design Project contest, J. Mayer H. Architecture has been chosen for its design of the Cheongdam Tower in Seoul, South Korea. The team links its architecture to "clear water," symbolizing "purity and a natural living environment," a theme that is central to the design brief. Sustainability is a key focus, with the undulating, organic skyscraper incorporating water features and lush greenery throughout.

The city of Seoul initiated the competition to enhance urban quality and resident life, selecting six designs that meet high sustainability and international appeal standards. Among them, Cheongdam Tower, designed with a flowing, organic aesthetic and featuring green terraces and protective façade waves, demonstrates a holistic environment. The design integrates water and plant elements, creating a living, breathing organism in the city.

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The building includes open green spaces, water features, cultural events, commercial zones, and panoramic views of the city and Han River from its roof terrace. It aims to be a hub for Korean fashion and K-Culture, combining nature and culture with luxury living and consumption. Cheongdam Tower’s distinctive silhouette and greened volume will make it a significant and internationally appealing landmark in Seoul.

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