Interconnected High-Rise Project Planned for Guatemala City

IQ10 is planned to rise 23 stories, and will feature two towers connected by skybridges.
IQ10 is planned to rise 23 stories, and will feature two towers connected by skybridges.
04 October 2019 Guatemala City, Guatemala

Two interlocking towers forming a building offering over 27,000 square meters of space is coming to Guatemala City.

The new development will be located at Calle 15 and Avenida 17 in the city’s Zona 10. The two towers will share a lobby and will be joined by two skybridges.

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The project, spearheaded by Multi-Proyectos, is estimated to represent an investment of US$19 million. The project will be primarily dedicated to residential use, and the lower levels will only contain space for three commercial tenants.

In total, the towers will rise 23 stories and offer 88 residential units, with a maximum of four apartments on each level. Space for parking will also be provided.

The project, which has been dubbed IQ10, plans to prioritize natural light and fresh air as part of its sustainability strategies. Thermoacoustic windows are planned to add to occupant comfort.

The façade will be clad in natural tones of white, brick and black, and will include external green features, such as gardens.

The architectural concept is being led by IB Arquitectos, who stated that, “The goal was to make this project simultaneously elegant, exclusive and iconic.”

“Our first steps were to understand the needs, responsibilities and lifestyle of our future residents; from there we moved forward with our the design concept,” said Silvia Montes, Innovation Manager at Corporación Multi-Inversiones.

The development also seeks to improve the quality of the urban habitat around the site where the project will be built. In step with this, the Director of Real Estate Projects at Multi-Proyectos, Pablo Solórzano, explained that the developers were planning to add outdoor furniture and would plant local species of trees.

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