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Hyderabad is Getting a 57-Story Skyscraper

Hyderabad. Image by u_2kql2q3z8l from Pixabay
Hyderabad. Image by u_2kql2q3z8l from Pixabay
31 May 2024 | Hyderabad, India

Hyderabad-based developers have begun constructing SAS Crown, a 57-story skyscraper that will reach 235 meters. The project spans 4.5 acres and includes 250 units across five towers, and includes sky villas featuring 12-foot (3.7 meter) windows that offer 360-degree city views. The project envisages ultra-luxury residences with elegant designs and the utmost comfort and convenience amidst the highly connected finance district.

Upon completion, SAS Crown will surpass Bengaluru's tallest building of 50 stories, but may soon be outdone by the 59-story Candeur Skyline, projected for completion in 2029.

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Hyderabad's skyline is rapidly transforming, reflecting its growth as a technological hub and its rich Nizami heritage. Iconic landmarks like Golconda Fort and Charminar further enhance the city's vibrant cultural appeal. The project is expected to complete by March 2027 in Kokapet.


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