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Construction Continues for Iconic Skyscraper in Jeddah

Jeddah. Image by Shahad Hassan on Upsplash
Jeddah. Image by Shahad Hassan on Upsplash
15 May 2024 | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia has been years in the making. Construction originally began in 2013 but was paused in 2018 due to geopolitical events and later delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in September 2023, construction restarted. Stated to reach completion in the next four to five years, the skyscraper, designed by Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, is set to reach a little over 1000 meters that would unseat the Burj Khalifa as the tallest tower in the world. 

No claim can be made until its completion, but CTBUH is watching the progress as it evolves. The tower, situated in the city of Jeddah on Saudi Arabia's Red Sea coast, symbolizes new life and growth for the kingdom. It has been reported that approximately a third of the building is complete. Jeddah Tower will boast a mix of residential, commercial, and office spaces, along with an observation deck, a Four Seasons hotel, and a 30-meter-diameter outdoor balcony.

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