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Competition Winner Announced for R&D Innovation Campus in Shenzhen

Image credit: SOM, CADG + ATCHAIN.
Image credit: SOM, CADG + ATCHAIN.
06 May 2024 | Shenzhen, China

In an international design competition, the Hetao Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation Park proposal, "A Valley Within the Machine," took the top prize. Designed by SOM in conjunction with China Architecture Design & Research Group, it is aligned with the State Council's development plan. The park aims to become a pioneering zone for science and technology innovation, fostering international cooperation and serving as a catalyst for advancement in the Greater Bay Area.

The proposal seeks to create a cutting-edge R&D campus harmonizing technology and nature. Emphasizing wellness and fostering collaboration, the proposal includes outdoor spaces promoting sustainability and providing a conducive environment for scientific innovation. One highlight of the vision is integrating a highly advanced laboratory machine within an ecological framework to establish the campus as a global research hub. 

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