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City of Melbourne Supports 35-Story High-Rise Incorporating Heritage Buildings

Melbourne. Image by moerschy on Pixabay
Melbourne. Image by moerschy on Pixabay
30 April 2024 | Melbourne, Australia

During a meeting on 23 April, 2024 with the Future Melbourne Committee, unanimous support was given for the devleopment on the site at 487-503 Collins Street. The proposal designed by Cox Architecture, includes a 35-story high-rise that will sit above the Rialto and Winfield buildings.

Nestled in the heart of the CBD, the project is estimated at around $267 million AUD and has a strategic location that spans 3,928 square meters along Flinders Lane and Collins Street. Notably, Heritage Victoria has also granted permission for the proposal, recognizing its minimal impact on the historic Winfield and Rialto buildings, cherished relics dating back to the late 19th century.

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Currently, the historic buildings serve as a residential hotel with limited retail spaces. The developer of the project intends to go beyond renovation and transform the site into a vibrant mixed-use complex, seamlessly blending retail, office spaces, a luxury hotel, and a club offering versatile meeting and conference facilities. Central to the plan is the redevelopment of Winfield Square, including the demolition of a 1980s structure to make way for a new building housing the hotel, offices, and club facilities. Moreover, a footbridge will connect the Rialto building, accommodating additional rooms, to the ensemble.

Winfield Square's revitalization is poised to redefine the area, serving as a dynamic link between Collins Street and Flinders Lane while preserving the historic charm of the precinct. The project encompasses 22,000 square meters of office space, complemented by street-level retail outlets and three basement levels catering to various amenities.

Following consultations with the Office of the Victorian Government Architect and a comprehensive review session in February 2023, the proposal underwent rigorous scrutiny from City of Melbourne officials, ultimately receiving commendation for its architectural ingenuity. Deputy Lord Mayor Nicholas Reece lauded the project, emphasizing Melbourne's newfound commitment to architectural excellence. With planning officers recommending support for the proposal, pending minor adjustments, this project inches closer to fruition.

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