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A Pair of Prismatic Skyscrapers are Proposed in Shenzhen

Shenzhen. CC-BY-SA
Shenzhen. CC-BY-SA
13 February 2023 | Shenzhen, China

Danish architecture studio BIG has unveiled the Qianhai Prisma Towers in Shenzhen, China, both comprised of leaning volumes tapering towards the sky.

Set to be built on either side of the Shenzhen Hong Kong Plaza, a cultural development designed by Japanese studio Sou Fujimoto known as the "green belt", the skyscrapers will be 300 meters and 250 meters tall.

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The taller supertall skyscraper will contain apartments, while the shorter tower will be offices.

The residential tower will be enclosed by three rectangular volumes of different heights, with "sky garden" terraces, and a roofscape on top. Openings are created at every level due to the three leaning volumes. 

A pedestrian skybridge covered in greenery cuts through the lower levels of the office tower in between the leaning volumes, connecting to the "green belt" of Shenzhen Hong Kong Plaza.

The skybridge also casts shading on the public space below, which includes an amphitheater, tree-shaded social spaces, and an under-porch bar.

There will be an underground retail corridor connecting the two towers directly to the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Intercity Railway at the east side of the site, and the proposed Hong Kong-Shenzhen Western Express Railway at the west side of the residential tower.

An additional 966 bike parking spaces will be introduced for easy access to the transport hub.

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