Why Join CTBUH?

CTBUH is advancing sustainable, vertical urbanism at a crucial time on our planet, elevating the profile of transformative projects, people, and technologies. Get involved today!

About CTBUH membership

The Council has prepared information detailing everything you need to know about being a CTBUH Member.

Member Brochure

Benefits of CTBUH membership

The core of CTBUH is its thought leadership on the best practices and policies shaping sustainable buildings and cities globally, now and into the future, through the following avenues:

  • Designated Experts
  • Committees and Panels
  • Research Projects
  • Influential Publications
  • International Conferences
  • Regional Events & Initiatives


A Designated Expert is an employee within a Member company who receives advanced member benefits, and takes a more active role in CTBUH initiatives, including the leader/committee structure, research projects, conferences, publications, and advanced digital access & tools. These benefits provide added promotion for a company, and deeper engagement for the individual. Each membership level allows a different number of Designated Experts. Actual Designated Expert benefits are indicated in the compare benefits table.