Why Join CTBUH?

CTBUH is advancing sustainable, vertical urbanism at a crucial time on our planet, elevating the profile of transformative projects, people, and technologies. Get involved today!

About CTBUH membership

The Council has prepared information detailing everything you need to know about being a CTBUH Member.

Member Brochure

Benefits of CTBUH membership

Shape the Future of Cities

The core of CTBUH is its thought leadership on the best practices and policies shaping sustainable buildings and cities globally, now and into the future, through the following avenues:

  • Designated Experts
  • Committees and Panels
  • Research Projects
  • Influential Publications
  • International Conferences
  • Regional Events & Initiatives
Access Cutting-Edge Resources

The outputs of the Council—both physical and digital—have been the hallmark of its 50-plus years existence. Join CTBUH to take advantage of these valuable resources:

  • Urban & Project Database
  • Advanced Data Tools
  • Renowned Publications
  • Daily Global News
  • Research Papers & Reports
  • Video & Podcast Library
Connect to Both Local and International Communities 

With members from almost all disciplines, whether your client is a building funder, developer, tenant, designer, or specifier, you’ll find them within the CTBUH network. CTBUH members benefit from the following connections:

  • A Global Collaboration
  • CTBUH Offices on Three Continents
  • Chapters & Regional Representatives
  • Global and Local Events
  • Multi-Office Engagement
  • Executive Networking
Bring Top-Level Exposure to Your Company

Build or reinforce your position as a key force in the industry. The Council’s global reach provides members an abundance of opportunities for worldwide industry exposure, such as:

  • Online Member Directory
  • Member Page in Urban & Project Database
  • Expert Roles
  • Publishing & Events
  • Featured Buildings and Members
  • Media & Social Media
Be Recognized for Expertise and Excellence

The Council champions development that takes us past the status quo and toward a smarter, more sustainable urban future, through the following recognitions of excellence:

  • Annual Awards Program: 21 Categories
  • Buildings of Distinction Program
  • “World’s Tallest” Title (and its many variants)
  • Speaker Bureau & Expert Panel
  • Online Features & Publishing



A Designated Expert is an employee within a Member company who receives advanced member benefits, and takes a more active role in CTBUH initiatives, including the leader/committee structure, research projects, conferences, publications, and advanced digital access & tools. These benefits provide added promotion for a company, and deeper engagement for the individual. Each membership level allows a different number of Designated Experts. Actual Designated Expert benefits are indicated in the compare benefits table.