Gold Membership

Gold Membership is the second tier of organizational membership, offering companies many of the same top promotional opportunities as Platinum, but with some limitations. Corporate promotion is still broad, with Advanced Member pages, three fields of expertise allowed in online search directories and second level promotion in print publications; still receiving a complimentary annual conference registration and opportunities to be featured in video and podcast interviews. Gold Member companies provide Premier member benefits for a maximum of five Designated Experts in their company, though all company employees are still able to request assistance on custom data analyses and receive a 20% discount on all CTBUH events and products. Though some restrictions may apply, Gold-level Members still enjoy CTBUH member benefits and corporate promotion most similar to what they’ve known for years.


Annual Dues




Gold Member Benefits

*Designated Expert Benefit only
Global & Company-Wide Benefits
  • Complimentary conference registration for 1 delegate, plus 20% discount on any additional registrations (per year)
  • Company name listed in publications & other selected outputs; Gold members are listed in the 2nd tier
  • Logo and searchable listing on and all digital outputs; Gold members are listed in the 2nd tier
  • Advanced member page on, featuring projects, news, and other outputs
  • Up to 3 searchable fields of expertise listed in digital platforms
  • Assistance with custom data comparisons and analyses
  • Reprint permission for CTBUH published data, research and graphics for use in corporate output
  • Support on official building recognitions and signboards
  • Opportunity to present at conferences
  • Consideration for “Award of Excellence” in 20+ award categories and sub categories
  • Company linked in daily-updated tall building news articles
  • Online user account/access to digital content
  • Access to Chicago-based CTBUH Resource Center
  • Access to advance online data tools (up to 100 records/search results)
Regional Office Benefits
  • Complimentary local chapter event registration for 2 delegates, plus 20% discount on any additional registrations
  • Unlimited access to the digital CTBUH quarterly Journal
  • 20% discount on publications and products
  • Up to 3 Country / City webpages on with company logo, where represented by an office
  • Opportunity to present at local chapter events
  • Nomination for regional chapter roles and/or Future Leaders Committee
Designated Expert Benefits
  • Interview and promotional opportunities
  • Nomination to Leader/Committee roles
  • Nomination to Panel for official Research Project
  • Publish in CTBUH Journal and other publications
  • Access to advanced online data tools (up to 1,000 records/search results)