Future Leaders

The CTBUH Future Leaders Global Committee was created to be a guiding force behind corresponding Future Leaders Regional Committees, which function as incubators for the next generation of CTBUH Leaders. The Chairs of each Regional Committee will also serve on the Future Leaders Global Committee, providing a collaborative platform to drive events and other initiatives, which will then be recommended to the Regional Committees for local implementation. The group also aids in the creation of new Future Leaders Regional Committees and ensures that existing committees are fulfilling their roles as critical knowledge-sharing resources for emerging talent in the tall building industry.

If you are interested in getting involved with the Future Leaders Committee, please fill out this form (note you must login or create a CTBUH account before you can access the form). Once completed a member of CTBUH staff will be in touch.


Ilayda Oner

Ilayda Oner

Deputy Country Manager, Turner Construction Company

Istanbul, Türkiye

Elinor Strapp

Elinor Strapp

Project Manager, Multiplex Construction Europe Ltd

London, United Kingdom

Riccardo Pedroni

Riccardo Pedroni

Copenhagen, Denmark

Joey Piotrowski

Joey Piotrowski

Seattle, United States

17 June 2020

The CTBUH UK Chapter hosts a discussion on how different industries have adapted and what they have learned during current challenging times

18 March 2020

The CTBUH Canada Future Leaders Committee is excited to announce its next event - a presentation on Fire Dynamics in Large Open Timber Structures given by Professor John Gales from York

23 January 2020

Join the CTBUH Chicago Future Leaders Committee for a tour of Gensler's downtown Chicago office space! The afternoon event will feature a short presentation on Gensler's current work.

9 October 2019

The CTBUH Canada FLC hosts a walking tour that guides attendees through the Canary District and the planning and construction of Sidewalk Labs.

8 August 2019

The CTBUH Chicago Future Leaders Committee will lead a tour of Vista Tower, which upon completion will be the tallest Chicago building designed by a woman.

25 July 2019

50 attendees convened to explore the benefits and challenges of co-living as a developing housing model, where residents share living spaces, resources, and interests.

18 June 2019

CTBUH Turkey organized an educational seminar on the effects of wind on tall building façade systems, featuring presentations by academic and professional experts.

17 April 2019

CTBUH Turkey held a seminar discussing seismic resilience strategies, featuring presentations from a panel of experts in engineering, design, and financial sectors.

14 November 2018

CTBUH New York Chapter Hosts Discussion on Health Care Design

The CTBUH New York Future Leaders Committee hosted a discussion on strategies for healthcare resiliency, featuring architects, engineers, project managers and owners.

20 October 2018

Record Numbers Convene at 2018 Leaders Meeting

CTBUH Leaders convened on Day 1 of the 2018 Middle East Conference for updates on the year's developments and to plan for 2019.

20 October 2018

Regional Representatives Meet at 2018 Middle East Conference

CTBUH Chapters, Regional Representatives, and Future Leaders Committees met during the Middle East Conference for a discussion on the Council's regional growth and global initiatives.

18 October 2018

CTBUH New York: Overcoming Obstacles to Affordable Housing

The CTBUH New York Future Leaders Committee hosted a panel discussion on "Obstacles to Affordable Housing" at the NYC Office of Grimshaw Architects.

20 September 2018

CTBUH New York Chapter Hosts: Data-Smart Cities

The CTBUH New York Chapter hosted a panel discussion on smart cities, the key systems that harvest data for planners, designers, policy makers and the general public.

15 May 2018

CTBUH is pleased to announce that its Young Professionals Committees have been rebranded as "Future Leaders" Committees (FLCs).