This group was active from 2009 to 2014 and resulted in the publication of multiple papers in the 2012 Shanghai Congress Proceedings, 2014 Shanghai Conference Proceedings, and the CTBUH Journal. There was a resurgence of interest in the fire and life safety of tall buildings following the events of 9/11, but also stimulated by the trend in building design to reach greater heights than ever before with schemes of increasing complexity and architectural merit. The Fire and Life Safety Working Group was an international cross discipline working group that reviewed current research and offered guidance and support to developers, designers and local code enforcement agencies of tall buildings. It was concerned with leading the industry, globally, towards a consensus on designing safe buildings, taking account of modern forms of risk, when and where appropriate. This working group had a unique mix of members that included those from academia, structural engineers, practicing architects, fire engineers and code applications practitioners. The Co-Chairs believed this cross-mixing of practice areas brought a diversity of thought and development of best practice ideas for designers in the tall building design community.

GM Technical Services / Deputy CEO, Fire Protection Association Australia

Melbourne, Australia

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