CTBUH Chapter Event

CTBUH Austria Presents: Tour of the Danube Flats Tower

Wednesday, 07 September 2022 | Danube Flats, Donau City, 1220 Wien | Vienna

On 7 September 2022 a site visit of the construction site Danube Flats in Vienna, organized by CTBUH Austria, took place. A sold-out tour of 25 guests were guided by the architect Andreas Schmitzer and the structural engineer Péter Szász to see the building under construction. There were several reasons to admire the unique technical and architectural solutions. One part of the planned 180m high residential tower will be located on the top of a highway tunnel, another part will be built as a cantilever of more than 18m span. In order not to disturb the ongoing operation of the neighboring main bridge of the city, the existing foundations of the bridge will be constantly readjusted from a chamber below the 3m thick floor slab of the tower by means of injection.


CEO, Partner, chief architect, project A01 architects Zt GmbH
Founder | CEO, formlabor ZT GmbH
Vienna, Austria

Scenes from the day