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CTBUH Canada Presents: Construction Tour - The Well

Wednesday, 21 September 2022 | The WELL Development | Toronto

On September 21, CTBUH Canada was pleased to continue the launch of in person events with a construction tour of what may be the largest real estate development in Canada. The WELL presents 3,000,000 square feet of retail, office, and residential space. The seven acre site is bounded by Wellington Street West, Spadina Avenue and Front Street West in downtown Toronto. The Well will be a neighborhood onto itself with a total of 1,700 residential units. The seven building development is heated and cooled through its connection to the Enwave district energy plant.

The tour was hosted by RioCan, Allied, Tridel and Deltera. Trevor Smith, an assistant project manager with RioCan, opened the tour with an overview of the development. Deltera Senior Project Manager Annett Summers and lead Superintendent Sean McCaffrey facilitated examination of the development with emphasis on four noteworthy features. These features were described and choregraphed with information and photo flyers.

  • The Well Beneath the Well
  • The Canopy Above the Well
  • The Well Beyond the Edge
  • Inside the Well


At the P4 station Sean McCaffrey and Matt Dyck with Deltera explained the 260 foot deep cistern which functions as expanded chilled water storage for the Enwave District Energy Plant. The Well provides western capacity expansion, increasing the serviceability of the downtown District Energy Plant to approximately 20 million square feet, including the seven buildings of The Well. Enwave is a major tenant in The Well with a large auxiliary chiller plant located on P4.

At the retail promenade, Annett Summers of Deltera presented details of the 35,000 square foot, 465 foot long sculptured, suspended canopy, which connects all seven towers within The Well. The canopy is a design-assist element by German based Josef Gartner GmbH. The frame for the canopy is structural steel. Ice and snow melting is incorporated into the canopy perimeter and gutters.

At the third station, Erin Monopoli with Deltera presented the Tower D cantilever. Originating from a transfer slab on level five and concluding at another post tension transfer slab at level seven, are inclined structural columns to support 16 storeys of Tower D as a cantilever structure. The photos and formwork accomplishments were visually extraordinary. The cantilever residential tower delivered a significant boost to the allowable gross floor area.

Following Erin, Graeme Armster, also with Deltera, presented the Tridel Connect program. The philosophy is keyless entry into any space in the development, coupled with remote monitoring of in suite activity for the unit owners.

Following the tour, 45 attendees adjourned to the Belfast Love pub for networking and informal discussions with the project team.

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